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VIP New York Escorts
Escort in Manhattan
Escorts in Manhattan
Manhattan Best Escorts

Tall and shapely with long flowing blonde hair this young  lady is the latest addition to our Elite Escorts Gallery. Well-educated, good-mannered and full of life Maya is the perfect companion for any VIP event in which thanks to her middle-class upbringing she blends in with total ease! Turning heads wherever she goes, this statuesque blonde will ensure you are the centre of attention.

This Nordic beauty has the most exquisite body, smooth, slender and perfectly toned without surrendering any of her feminine softness and curves. Her delicate facial features, light eyes colour and full lips round off the picture of high-end polish and class. Always impeccably dressed and presented according to the event, may it be a hedonistic night out or intimate Tête-à-tête, you can trust every sense of yours will be genuinely satisfied.

  • Height: 5'10"

  • Hair: Blonde Natural 

  • Eyes: Bue

  • Bust: 34C

  • Location: Manhattan, NY

  • Hours: 12 noon-12 midnight


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